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Capitolo 4 The "charterage" of the gondola

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Group of tourists in a gondola, typical example of the

As the word itself says, the gondola charterage consists of "hiring" the boat (including the gondolier performance, of course, supposing that it is not very easy rowing in a gondola!). Nowadays this service is no more required from Venetians to move from one point to the other of the city, since it is more comfortable using public means or water taxis (if you are in a hurry). However it remains an obliged service for whom wants to enjoy the unique atmosphere of this enchanting city.
 The trip in gondola, in fact, allows to whom comes and visit Venice to taste the magic of a city that rises light on a myriad of little islands, built " as a lace", using the tangle of the canals. From the water, actually, one enjoys a different sight of the Venetian reality (see the linked section " VENICE SEEN FROM THE WATER") and one can realize that its "water" dimension is something specular, but independent with respect to the "earth's" one. The way of moving, then, brings us to epochs dominated by a different time and by a different conception of Man.

"Charterage" gondole wait to come into operation.

Unlike the ferry gondola, made for a very short permanence on board, the "charterage" gondola presents in its full splendour, like a luxury car that waits to transport a famous guest in a honour trip. It is gifted of the socalled "par`cio", that is to say all an equipment of accessories to make more comfortable the travel and more beautiful the boat: carpets, stuffed arms, seats, the "toleta a spigolo" (a little trapezoid door that closes the bow store-room and that, usually, is inlaid or painted), the little brass figures that sustain the cords.

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